Commercial Financing

Funding The Entire Vision

Securing funding for substantial commercial ventures can often be a challenging, intricate, and capital-heavy endeavor. Many conventional banks are reluctant to engage, and those that do often fail to offer adequate funds, necessitating significant owner capital or costly equity. Even numerous unconventional or private funding sources, while providing the standard senior debt Loan-to-Value (LTV) percentage, exclude costs for crucial project components, limiting inclusion to construction and possibly land costs. This scenario compels borrowers and project owners to pursue exceptionally high-priced secondary financing to bridge the gaps.

Tailored Project Financing to Meet Your Needs

At New Foundation Capital Partners, we possess a profound understanding of the nuances involved in financing large commercial projects. We are committed to furnishing our clients with funding solutions meticulously tailored to their unique circumstances. Our approach goes beyond mere vertical construction financing, addressing needs well beyond the scope of conventional bridge loans. We strive to alleviate the need for our clients to seek multiple financing sources independently.

A Funding Structure Aligned with Your Goals

Your project’s success is paramount to us. We view our clients as valued partners and are dedicated to ensuring that the financing structure we allocate is harmonious with your objectives. We meticulously design our funding solutions to be versatile, catering to a diverse range of strategies, whether it’s for developers intending to sell upon stabilization or sponsors establishing a long-term business or investment.

Here are some examples of costs that are staples in most commercial projects and can be covered with our funding facilities:

Expanding Horizons: Funding Real Estate

New Foundation Capital Partners extends its funding solutions beyond commercial real estate projects. We are open to considering substantial business projects, including major startups, research & development initiatives, manufacturing scale-ups, and significant expansions. Our evaluation criteria remain consistent, focusing on owner experience, comprehensive and robust business plans, healthy Net Operating Income in the Pro Forma, and a clear exit strategy. For business-centric projects, we target a minimum project cost of $20 million.

Why Choose Us?

We pride ourselves on our friendly yet authoritative approach, coupled with an analytical style, ensuring that our clients receive the most optimal and efficient funding solutions. Whether you are embarking on a commercial real estate venture or a large-scale business project, New Foundation Capital Partners is here to support you every step of the way, providing funding that is in perfect alignment with your goals and needs.


Multifamily, Mixed-Use, Office, Retail, Hotel, Industrial, Energy, Specialty/Entertainment (most common).

  • We put a lot of stock into experienced and quality project owners/sponsors. We need to see a strong business plan and a Pro Forma with a healthy Net Operating Income. Our funding leans heavily towards asset-based…the project must stand on its own.

We can usually fund up to 90%+ of the project costs.

For look for projects ranging from $15-$500MM+


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At New Foundation Capital Partners we strive to make you a client for life.  We want to be your first choice each and every time you need funding for your commercial investment or business. We always try to go over and above to figure out how to say “yes we can”.

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